Mar 14, 2023Liked by Leslie Kern

This text found me at the right time, in the long process of writing my thesis. I have half-heartedly acknowledged how I put off the thing I should do - start writing - by reading another article, finding even more literature to read, and collecting literature notes in fancy charts. All to feel more prepared, and most importantly, more productive - even though it is just excuses and detours from the actual task at hand. And all my writing is done anywhere but in the official thesis document, as it doesn't feel good enough for the final product. Writing this thesis is really pushing my patterns of perfectionism and procrastinating into the light and takes daily work to deal with. Thank you for another great and insightful post, that also pushed me the last needed steps towards fully acknowledging this over-preparation behavior (a concept I actually never read about before, even if I could catch myself doing it). I'll take it with me!

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